• Back in 2001 the Massachusetts State Auto Dealers Association started offering training to Massachusetts' teens through the Massachusetts Auto Dealers Charitable Foundation.  They called the program Skid School and promoted SkidSchool.org across the state.  In Control was one of two companies offering this training (the other now trains in upstate NH).  Unfortunately, after the economic downturn in 2008, the auto dealers found it difficult to fund their foundation.  Over the years we have heard negative connotations associated with the term Skid School, particularly from parents concerned that their teens may be doing something inappropriate.  As a result, we prefer to use the term Crash Prevention Training, but we still appreciate the auto industry pioneers that kick started this program more than a decade ago.

  • Thanks to their past support, In Control is pleased to offer friends of the MADCF a $30 Subsidy/Discount* when signing up for our course.


To take advantage of this reduced price, reserve a course online or call us toll-free at 888-301-SAFE. Enter “MADCF” in the subsidy/discount code section of the payment screen (shown below, circled in red) or mention the code when registering by phone.

* Subsidies/Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer. Classes subject to availability. Gift Certificate discount applies only to full course purchase.  Please note:  In Control is a non-profit and the use of a subsidy/discount code is optional.  When you choose to register without taking advantage of an available subsidy/discount it provides us additional funding to reach more students.