Save Over 70% Off Our Course & Save 5% Off Your Auto Insurance

Safety Insurance has joined forces with The In Control Family Foundation to enhance driver safety in Massachusetts.

Under the partnership, drivers who complete in In Control's driver skills development program will receive a 5% discount on their automobile insurance from Safety Insurance.

In Addition, a driver with a Safety Insurance Policy will also be able to participate in In Control's program for only $75.00, over a 70% discount off the normal $350 enrollment fee. Drivers who do not currently have Safety Insurance, but pledge to renew their policy with Safety Insurance may also receive the subsidy.

The goal is to better educate drivers of all ages with a focus on teens about safer driving practices.

In Control is very excited to have the support of Safety Insurance for our program. We're equally excited that they are encouraging families to take our training together. Parents who take the course often tell us they learn a lot more than they expected and it ultimately helps reinforce the training their teens receive.

Here's how it works:

safety screen shot.jpg

To register for the In Control course, call our office or register online.  During the registration process you must identify each trainee who is insured with Safety Insurance (via the Auto Insurance Carrier drop down list) and also provide your Safety Insurance Policy Number. If you are not currently a Safety insured, but have committed to Safety on your next renewal, you can have your insurance agent call In Control and receive the same discount.

Your name and policy information are added to a list that is shared with Safety Insurance monthly.  Additionally a graduation certificate is emailed to you (generally within a week of completing the program) and you can share that certificate with your agent.  That proof of participation is all you need to qualify for a 5% group discount from Safety Insurance.

* Subsidies/Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.  
Please note:  In Control is a non-profit and the use of this subsidy/discount code is optional.  When registering online you are given the option to decline subsidies.  When you choose to register without taking advantage of an available subsidy/discount it provides us additional funding for us to reach more students. Our Board of Directors reviews subsidy/discounts regularly and they are subject to change, but will not impact registrations already made.