Drivers over 65 are in the highest risk category as our reaction time increases and our mobility decreases

This does not necessarily mean you have to stop driving, but you should do everything you can to improve your skills to keep yourself and others safe.  Most older drivers sign up for our all ages class and participate along side families and commercial students attending our training.  

We also offer a unique Senior Citizen class which is generally organized through your local Council on Aging or Senior Center.  This course provides the same life saving skills as our regular classes, but also focuses on some unique aspects of driving beyond retirement age.  Contact us to set up a private senior class today.

We feel it is important to tell you that we only report graduates of our program to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  This graduation certificate enables you to enjoy available insurance discounts and is suitable for framing wherever you see fit.

It is also important to know that our pass rate for mature drivers is the lowest of all our student categories.  Those unable to pass our course are offered private lessons or the opportunity to retake the entire program.  In the past few years we've had more than a dozen students over age 65 tell us that our course was a "wake up call" to their deteriorating driving skills.  As a result, they choose not to drive anymore and were thankful for our patience and instruction.

To be honest, most of the drivers on our roads today would fail a license test if it was forced upon them tomorrow.  We all could benefit from instruction and In Control is proud to offer programs that help the experienced driver feel more confident behind the wheel...or at the very least, the justification for considering other transportation solutions.


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