We’re currently offering two different classes on our ongoing public schedule:

Crash Prevention 101 - Introduction to Crash Prevention (CP101)

This course is aimed at drivers of all ages (learners permit or license required). It prepares drivers for year around hazards and includes a fairly even split between classroom, group exercises and one on one driving instruction. The approximately 4.5hr course introduces skills, muscle memory drills and experiences aimed at chiseling away at the invincibility many drivers possess (particularly teens). It also has an extremely positive impact on timid drivers, providing them confidence they might otherwise be unable to develop on their own. Graduates qualify for auto insurance discounts from many local and national insurers. Click here for details on pricing.

Crash Prevention 101R/ADT - Refresher / Additional Driving Time (CP101R/ADT)

This course is available only to previous graduates of our CP101 class, but may be taken years after completion or the following day. The approximately 2.5hr program primarily focuses on driving exercises with very little time in the classroom. This course does not qualify graduates for an extension on or additional auto insurance credits (we recommend you retake CP101 for that). Pricing for this course is $200 per participant.

If you’re looking to put together a group class or need tailored training (trailering, law enforcement, trucks, passenger vans, close quarters maneuvering, etc) please contact us to discuss.