I have been driving for years. What is there for me to learn?
A lot. Technology has changed drastically over the last decade or two. There are things you had to do while driving in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that would result in injury today. The first drill we perform with every student allows you to understand how you’re braking system works and how to control your car in an emergency situation. We have trained hundreds of students over 65 years of age and all of them walked away with knowledge and skills they didn’t have before we started.

If I fail the class, who finds out about it?
Just you. We only report graduates to the RMV. That said, we offer all our students options when they fail and we’ll be honest with you if we are concerned about your ability to safely drive. In 2009 we trained over 100 seniors and more than a dozen failed the program. Most admitted they had come to us to help them judge if they should continue to drive and many of them told us they have since hung up their keys. Of course, more than 100 passed and are more skilled drivers from the experience.