Beyond traditional driver education, Crash Prevention Training will dramatically reduce your new drivers chances of crashing
(and may save you a fortune in auto insurance costs too)

We've learned over the years that many parents find us when they're researching the ins and outs of traditional driver ed.  Then they forget about us until after their teen gets their license, has a crash and their insurance agent asks "have you ever heard of In Control?"

Please take a look through our website and see why 30,000+ graduates would encourage you and your teen to train with us.

Below is a form you can use to have us remind you about our program in the weeks/month just before your teen's license test (which is exactly when we want to train them).

Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you at our course soon!

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Your Name
When will your teen take their license exam?
When will your teen take their license exam?
Approximately when do you think they will take their license test? We'll plan to contact you about a month prior to remind you about our program and offer up any special instructions / subsidies available when registering.