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We know that the vast majority of teens come to our course kicking and screaming. There are a ton of other things that you would prefer to be doing on a Saturday, Sunday or weekday. You have a lot going on in your lives and fitting in a half day class is not always a priority.

We promise the following:

  • Within 20 minutes you will realize that this is not a boring class
  • If you are even a little scared, it’s ok. And you will drive away less scared about driving in general
  • If you aren’t even a bit scared, that’s not ok. And you will drive away with a new appreciation for the power you possess when operating a car
  • You have or will know a young person who is or will be permanently injured or killed in a car crash. (In other countries, where our type of training is mandatory, the likelihood of knowing someone who has crashed is much less).

Many of you have been playing an instrument, a sport or had a hobby for more than half your life. Your skills have improved and you are now in the “big leagues” when you compete or perform. At age 16 you are given a piece of paper allowing you to drive with your parents and six months later you can be on your own. Regardless of how patient your parents were with you, how dedicated your drivers ed instructor was; it’s simply not enough to make you a skilled driver on our roads. We can help…..

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