Closed course, hands-on crash prevention training

In Control has been measured to reduce crashes by 70% compared to new drivers who only attend traditional driver education

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The training methodology originally derived through European research, has been used by the VT state police, the MA state police and many private companies to make their employees safer by reducing crash rates. In 2007, after working with state legislators and department of transportation, In Control became the first state certified Drivers Skills Development Program in the United States.

Specifically, the training addresses the driving issues that most affect the safety of drivers while on the road. The inclusion of skills was developed after examining insurance and police data to find the most dangerous activities, and assessing the biggest needs.

All of the training is performed in our vehicles, and each hands-on drill is taught in the car one-on-one with one of In Control’s highly qualified instructors.

Our hands-on training includes:

  • Proper hands and seating
  • Emergency braking skills (ABS)
  • Advanced steering skills, including over and under steering and speed control
  • Backing up skills and awareness
  • Close quarters maneuverability
  • Following distance/tailgating
  • Anti-cell / txt messaging / distraction experience
  • Emergency avoidance maneuvers

This is supplemented with classroom discussion and training that addresses:

  • Situational awareness and driving distractions (including cell / texting)
  • Understanding road-rage
  • Airbag awareness
  • Vehicle assessment
  • Other topics pertinent to the specific individuals involved (contact In Control with specific curriculum enhancement requests)

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