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The other kids say my
daughter saved their lives.
She says she owes it all
to your program and my
insistence that she take it.
God bless you! Never stop
doing what you’re doing.
You saved five lives tonight!
Marshfield, MA

About In Control

In Control is a non-profit organization recognized as a 501(c)(3) and offers the nation’s first state certified crash prevention training to drivers of all ages. This closed course, hands-on education was adapted from existing law enforcement training in the United States as well as European instruction that led to a societal shift in attitudes toward driving in many countries.  

In Control has trained over 30,000 students and receives endless praise from graduates, parents, schools, police departments, insurance companies, legislators and community groups all over New England.   Most graduates enjoy insurance discounts and the peace of mind knowing that they have been trained for emergency situations.  Third party research has found a 70% reduction in crashes for new driver graduates of our training and similar results for experienced drivers trained through our commercial programs.

While focused on training New England drivers of all ages, In Control has traveled the United States providing training, consulting and products to keep people safe from the most dangerous thing we do.

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