The In Control Family Foundation

The Problem:

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death among young drivers and their passengers.  More teens and young adults die in violent auto collisions each year in the United States than the number two through five, six, seven (depending on the year) causes of death combined.  In terms of lowest number of fatalities from motor vehicle crashes per capita the U.S.A. typically ranks 40th in the world.  Countries that lead the world in safe driving require crash prevention training.


Our Mission:

To drastically reduce automobile crashes, fatalities and injuries.

Our Solution:

In Control provides a hands-on, high speed, learning experience where drivers are put through real world, emergency situations on a closed course.  Our program is modeled upon the driver training that is required in the countries with the safest driving records.  Trainees develop skills and build instinctual reactions to make the right decisions in high speed collision avoidance situations. 

The In Control Difference:

In Control provides an active solution.  We engage the community to keep safe driving awareness front & center and we get new drivers behind the wheel.  Our Crash Prevention Training is the first state certified program of this kind in the United States.  The results speak for themselves: our program has been measured to reduce crash rates in new drivers by 70%.

Our Commitment:

In Control is committed to saving lives by providing crash prevention training to all young drivers throughout New England and eventually beyond.  We invest in community engagement efforts to educate parents and drivers of all ages about the dangers of driving and resources available to them.  Long term, we believe this approach will influence the general public and legislators with the ambition that crash prevention training will be added to the Junior Operators Licenses requirements, everywhere.

What We’ve Accomplished:

In Control has trained over 30,000 drivers, saving the lives of passengers and drivers who now know how to react in emergency situations.  We constantly receive testimonials from course graduates and parents about crashes that have been avoided as a result of skills developed in our training.  In Control works with the insurance industry, law enforcement, public and private organizations as well as key individuals to engage the community and to motivate others to attend our training.

Our History and How We Are Funded:

In Control was founded in 2003 and is now the In Control Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  In 2014, we were honored as a Nonprofit Excellence Award finalist by the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. In 2015/16/17 we were privileged to be awarded over $250k in grants from The Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & Security.  We receive funding from training participants, private donors, public and private grants, as well as corporate sponsors, who are inspired by our mission to save lives and reduce injuries due to motor vehicle crashes.

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