Since 2003 In Control has trained more than 30,000 students, saving the lives of passengers and drivers who now know how to react in emergency situations.

More teens and young adults die in violent auto collisions each year in the United States than the number two through five causes of death combined.  As a means to address this sobering statistic, In Control has modeled our training after mandatory new driver training programs of the safest driving countries in the world; we provide a hands-on learning experience where drivers are put through real world, emergency situations on a closed course. 

In Control’s Crash Prevention Training is the first state certified program of its kind in the entire United States. Trainees develop skills and build instinctual reactions to make the right decisions in high speed collision avoidance situations. We work with the insurance industry, law enforcement, public and private organizations as well as key individuals to engage the community and to motivate others to attend our training.

The results speak for themselves: according to independent studies, our program has reduced crash rates in first year drivers by 70%. Beyond the statistics, we constantly receive testimonials from course graduates and parents about crashes that have been avoided as a result of skills developed in our training.  As one daughter reported to her Mom, “I just have to tell you, taking that course saved Brooke's and my life today! I didn't have time to think... I just reacted as they taught us. We would have been killed... At least an ambulance ride... I wouldn't have known what to do, or slam on the brakes, if it weren't for this course and what they taught saved our lives.”

We do hope you will support our efforts and, if you’re in New England, please consider taking our course – it may just save a life one day!  

Check donations can be mailed to In Control Family Foundation PO Box 174 Lexington, MA 02420.  Our IRS-EIN # is 45-2734840

Online donations can be made by clicking here