Graduation Certificate Request Form

Whether you never received a graduation certificate, lost yours or simply want an extra one to frame at home. In Control is happy to help (although if you decide to wallpaper a room with certificates we may have to charge you...or at least get pictures for our website).

To receive a Graduation Certificate by email, mail or fax, please complete the form below. Certificates are sent out weekly, but may be delayed by holidays and other random occurrences. We will do our best to get your certificate in the regular US Mail within the next two weeks (often much sooner).

WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU FOR THIS SERVICE, but we do have one request...PLEASE TELL YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS ABOUT OUR TRAINING. We have worked very hard with the insurance industry encourage discounts, but the best way to keep everyone safe is to have everyone trained.

Some important notes:

  1. If you are submitting this certificate to Safety Insurance for their Safe Roads Alliance (SRA) Group Discount, you must join SRA (the certificate is not necessary to receive the discount). You actually do not need this certificate to join since SRA contacts us to confirm participation. For information about SRA

  2. This certificate will qualify you for the Driver Skills Development Program discounts available from many Massachusetts Insurance carriers. Discounts range from 5% to 10% and apply to both new and experienced drivers. If your carrier is not currently offering a discount, there's a good chance they may in the future. Feel free to contact your agent or the carrier directly to encourage that they "get with the program" and help save lives.

  3. This certificate has been used with non-Massachusetts Insurance carriers to receive defensive driving discounts. Please check with your agent and feel free to have them contact us with any questions. Our program generally goes above and beyond programs in any other state.

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