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Driving is the most dangerous thing we do, but, for teen drivers, that danger is literally off the charts. More teen deaths are caused by car crashes than deaths of teens resulting from the next nine causes of death combined. In other countries, driver education is taken more seriously and, as a result, the auto crash death rate per capita in many European countries is much lower than the death rate here in the United States.

In Control's program is not a cure all for your teen, but we have been measured to reduce crashes by 70% compared to new drivers who only attend traditional driver education.  Young drivers are invincible, scientists tell us it's because that part of the brain has not fully developed, and experience tells us it’s inherent in all teens.  Combine poor reasoning with a lack of skills and it's obvious why more than half of new U.S. drivers crash in the first two years.

Our half day, hands-on, closed course program uses real world situations to train instinctual reactions and help develop muscle memory necessary to avoid crashes.  It's one thing to say "turn into a skid," while a completely other thing to feel the rear of your vehicle start to lose adhesion as you turn into that direction and regain control.

Our program is safe and we are the first state certified training of our kind in the United States.  Please consider training with your teen.  We offer a dramatic additional family member discount and we believe your attendance really helps reinforce the skills taught.  Additionally, you may be an experienced driver, but without these skills you probably aren't as good a driver as you think you are. 

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