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Commercial FAQs

Does your training automatically discount our commercial auto insurance?
Not necessarily. Commercial auto insurance has some areas of flexibility that makes it different than personal auto insurance. We’ve had clients save as much as 10% off their auto policy and more from their workers compensation insurance. Additionally we have had commercial clients who avoided the high risk pool (and dramatically more expensive insurance) by training their employees.

Can you tailor the program to vehicles we drive?
Yes, we generally use our vehicles to avoid wear and tear on your vehicles, but we can introduce your van, truck, etc into the hands-on training as well as include additional drills and classroom lessons to satisfy your needs. Contact us for details.

How small a group can you accommodate?
We prefer to train in groups no smaller than six students. There is tremendous value in seeing others fail and learning from their mistakes.

How large a group can you accommodate?
We typically train no more than 20 students at one time. Under certain situations and with advanced planning we can work with much larger groups at one time, but the cost or available training space may make that prohibitive. Contact us for details.

Can you arrange catering for our group?
Sure, we’ve done everything from pizza to BBQs as well as breakfast foods. We provide water and light snacks as part of our training and anything additional is generally passed on to you at our cost.

Are some of your locations more flexible than others?
Yes, our full time facilities generally offer more flexibility. In addition to being more cost effective, we generally have greater access to these sites and can host additional functions than at our other sites. Contact us for details.

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