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Driving is the most dangerous thing we do; car crashes are the #1 unnatural cause of death in the United States and, if you’re under 45, it’s the #1 killer period. In the 70’s the United States was the safest place in the world to drive.  Today, the U.S. is near the bottom of that list (42nd place out of 48 countries). Many countries take driving more seriously than we do, eating behind the wheel is punishable and driving while texting is far less prevalent.

In Control's program has been found to reduce the crash rate of experienced drivers by over 60%. In fact, thousands of drivers with decades of driving have been through our program and 100% of them found it to be enlightening and rewarding.

Our half day, hands-on, closed course program uses real world situations to train instinctual reactions and help develop muscle memory necessary to avoid crashes. It is one thing to say "turn into a skid," versus to really be able to feel the rear of your vehicle start to lose adhesion as you turn into that direction and regain control.

Our program is safe and is the first state certified training of our kind in the United States. Whether you are considering training for yourself, a family member or as an event for friends and co-workers, we know we can provide you skills that just may save your life someday!

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