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When In Control first entered Massachusetts many driving schools were skeptical about our intentions and the quality of our instruction.  We have invested a lot of energy in working with local driving schools to educate them on our training and provide information for them to share with parents who inquire about "next steps" with their new drivers.

Driver's Education is not a glamorous profession, but we have learned that there are a lot of really good people out their trying to provide new drivers with skills necessary to survive our streets. To that point, no program is a cure all and what starts with a solid foundation of driving knowledge and preparation does not end with a half day at In Control. Our driving school partners are interested in providing as much instruction as possible during the limited time they are working with our teens. These same schools wish to introduce families to In Control’s program as a supplement to their training (certainly not a replacement).

Over the years we have grown to partner with literally hundreds of driving schools. Our company president has served on the Board of Directors for the Professional Driver Education Association of Massachusetts. And we are proud to have some driving schools across the state helping to subsidize the cost of training for their students.

If you are interested in having one of our staff visit your office, speak at your parents’ night or just put together a special program for your school, contact us today!


Existing Partners

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