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"What started out as training morphed into a fun, morale building experience for our company." Read more and see commercial case studies (.pdf file adobe reader required)

Driving is the riskiest and most dangerous activity any of us participate in on a daily basis.  If you are providing cars, require driving, or even purchase hands free phone devices for your employees you may be putting your company at risk. 

At In Control our mission of reducing crashes extends to your families, employees and the community. Vehicular accidents are not only a safety concern, but can drastically impact the bottom line of your business. At In Control, our unique and proven hands-on method of driver training greatly minimizes your company's risk exposure, reduces losses, and contributes to your bottom line. 

  • Tailored programs to suit your organization
  • Class discounts available with as few as 10 students
  • Individual programs available for "at risk" employees

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